Sunday, June 16, 2013

i' am the hero in my life....

Even iF I’m triPpEd up by Love,
A grEat Day will comE to mE...
I’m nOt FamiLiaR wiTh the wOrds “GIVE UP”!!
I’m fiNe, uNyieLdinG..
AlwaYs BraVe.. I'll Bear iT..!
I bELievE..
I won’t cry or whine anYm0re!
This iS the BeginNinG..
I am the hEro iN my Life..!!
GoOdbye, sOrRowfuL tEars..
GOodbYe, PainfuL AnGuisH..
I’ll pull it Off, Smile aGain....
I will Rise aNd TriumpHantLy..
Win aGain..iN winD anD raiN
Fly hiGher..
UntiL tHe End of tHe sKy..
If I fall hUndrEds of TimeS..
If I fall thouSaNds of times..
I will neVer stOp hErE..
Even if lOve LeAvEs me...
Even if tHe WorLd mAkes me crY..
A grEat dAy will cOme tO mE..
ThiS is tHe BeginNing..
I aM tHe herO iN my Life..!!!!!!!

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